The tupperware king of internet marketing

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Do you cook a lot of food, and then store it in tupperware boxes in the fridge, so you can eat it later?

Maybe you only do that with takeaways?

It’s the cheapest, most efficient way of eating, and I suck at it. I can’t help it, I just don’t like reheating food.

Heck, I even know that in the case of some food, like curries, it can taste better, because the spices have had time to marinate.

But I just can’t do it.

With food.

When it comes to marketing, I’m all over reheating and reusing.

I’m like the tupperware king of internet marketing. Whenever I create a piece of content, I box it up and reuse it in as many places as possible. I bring it out frequently over the months and years, until there’s nothing left in it.

After all, creating content is one of the most time consuming and costly parts of internet marketing.

I promised earlier today I’d share how I get the content for my videos. And what I do is to reuse my previous content.

And you can do exactly the same using these 4 steps:

  1. Go to your blog and find the first post you ever wrote
  2. Read through it and write down the most important points
  3. Write a brief summary of why those points are important
  4. Film yourself talking about each of these points and why they’re important

Seriously, it’s that darn simple.

It’s going to take you just ten or fifteen minutes to make your video and upload it.

And you don’t have to do one a day, put aside a few hours and make ten or twenty videos all in one go, and then schedule them for release.

Yup, you read it right. Just a morning of filming can give you enough video content for the entire month, maybe even two months!

So you’ve got no excuse not to be doing it.


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