The ugly truth of internet marketing

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Do you like things that look pretty?

Silly question. Of course you do.

That’s why Apple has done so well. They appeal to people’s vanity. We want technology that looks beautiful and sexy. Heck, we’d prefer technology that looks good, to technology that actually works properly.

Do you remember the first few versions of the iPhone?

Apple made an attractive phone, released it, and then started figuring out how the phone software should work.

Yes, they had software that worked, but it didn’t work very well. They didn’t really get it working well for about six months.

Which means we should make our products look sexy right?

Our emails should be attractive, and our landing and sales pages should be attractive?


If you’re selling tech, that’s a bit different, but when you’re selling online products you want to keep everything simple and free from distractions.

Most of the time this means that you want to keep it plain ole text.

Yeah, videos on sales pages can work very well. But if you test plonking a sales video on a plain page, and making one of those fancy type of pages, you’ll find a lot of the time that the plain one out-performs the fancy one.

Same goes with emails.

Design your email with columns, graphics and images, and test it against an ugly plain ‘ole text message, the ugly one’s gonna outperform the pretty ones.

Why does this happen?

Because it’s simple.

There’s no clutter to distract, you’re asking your prospect to focus on one thing, asking them to do one thing, and not giving them anything else to look at or do.

Which is why it works so well.

So my nugget for the day is…

Keep it simple and plain.

And that’s how I build my businesses.


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