The Ultimate Tool for Making Pro Videos (cheaply)

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You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t released a new Marketing Nugget video for a little while. And that’s because with everything that’s been happening with the baby, I just haven’t had time.

But I’m planning to get back to filming next week.

I’ve seen products on creating videos that go into huge detail. I’ve worked on film sets, and seen first-hand how long it takes them to prepare a shot. I know enough about cameras to understand that different situations need different types of equipment.

However, I’ve also made enough videos and generated enough traffic and sales from them, to know that…

…you don’t need all that detail to make a good video online!

Hell, all you need is your phone.

The cameras in phones are now so good, that you can make an excellent video with them, if you have the right app.

So here’s how I do it…

There are two primary styles of video for your marketing, the handheld, slightly less formal selfie style, and the perfectly framed formal approach.

Either can be done from a phone.

If you’re going for the less formal, selfie-style approach, like I do in my Marketing Nuggets, then you should get someone else to film for you. Yeah, you can do it on your own, but it never looks quite as good, because you can’t get the best angles.

If you prefer the more formal approach, then buy yourself a tripod. They’re just a few bucks off amazon and will mean that you can easily frame the picture and guarantee the phone won’t move. It may take a bit longer to get everything in the right position, but after a few goes, you’ll have it sorted.

Next, you need a good film app. The one I use is called Filmic Pro, and it’s by far the best app I’ve used to record film on my phone. It allows you to adjust the brightness, set the white levels, and do a bunch of stuff that you can do on ‘big’ cameras.

Once you’ve done recording your video, if you’ve got an iPhone, run it through an iMovie filter. Often this will give it the final effect needed to boost the quality.

I’m not sure if there is an Android equivalent to this or not, but I’d be surprised if there wasn’t one.

And then… upload the video to your blog, YouTube channel and anywhere else you want to put it 🙂

Simple and effective.

But the hardest part, is getting the content to put in your video, and I’m going to share how to get that in this afternoons email 😉


P.S. I just checked The Elite Five out, and found the price freeze was still on! Craziness! Here’s the link:

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