The willpower of a sausage

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It was a bank holiday this weekend in the UK. Heck, it’s still a bank holiday today, and once I’ve finished todays emails, I’ll be heading to the gym in time to come back and have lunch with Holly’s family.

Anyhoo, this weekend we decided to have a BBQ with all our neighbours.

It was a beautiful day on Friday, which gave us high hopes for the weather on Saturday. I woke up Saturday morning, ready to get everything prepared, and…

…grey clouds.


As our family arrived, mid-morning, there was a glimmer of hope that the sun would win the daily war for dominance, and for a while it did, but not long.

What to do.

We had twenty people coming for a BBQ. and some of our neighbours messaged to ask if we were going to be cancelling.

My answer… hell no. The Wilding’s never cancel. We make do, figure it out, and have a great time.

After all, I’d marinaded the sausages, and there’s nothing else I love more than a BBQ’d marinaded sausage.

So, I lit the BBQ (wood of course), got it to a roaring heat, and then the rain came.

And this was no delicate light shower.

It was a full-on thunder storm complete with lightning.

But people have to eat, so I was outside, with umbrella, door to the garden open, enjoying a beer, my mum holding the umbrella, moving around the BBQ in a never-ending circle to try and escape the smoke that came from a permanently changing wind.

The result… I burned a few things, but people loved it. Heck, we all had an awesome time.

Goal achieved.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s cooking sausages on a BBQ in a thunder storm, or running your own business. If you want to achieve something, and I mean really achieve something, then believe in yourself and you can do it against all odds.

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