The woes and waries of technology

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A couple of days ago, you may have noticed, I sent two emails at exactly the same time.

It was one of those face-slapping moments that you get with technology!

Here’s what happened…

I needed to move my mailing software to a new server, because you rock, I’m having to send more emails out, which means I needed a bigger machine to do it.

No problem.

My hosting company did the move, and all went well.

At the same time there was an update for the mailing software, which I installed to make it look much more pretty.

The sun was shining brightly in my world, until… I realised that we hadn’t put the SSL certificate onto the new server.


No problem, installing an SSL certificate is easy and my hosting company did it within the hour.

Which is when things started to break.

There was an issue with the certificate installation. That got fixed, but I still couldn’t log into the software, because there was a bug in the new update.


And then, I found a loophole… I could still log in if I used Safari as my browser.

Awesome 🙂

By then I’d missed sending you an email, so I re-scheduled everything, but half-way through scheduling my loophole broke, and I couldn’t see what I was doing again.

Back to the aaaaggghhh!

Which is when two emails got sent at exactly the same time.

So I’m sorry that I hit you up twice in the same second.

But on the flip-side… both of those emails were kinda cool 😉

Anyhoo, everything’s now been fixed, the mailing software is back up and running, and the sunshine has come back to my world.

If you want to skip the technical issues of running your own software, Aweber do a pretty damn good job.

And it’s free for 30 days!


P.S. I haven’t forgotten about filming how to setup your own mailing software, it’s in the pipeline. I have to do this for one of my businesses, and I’m going to film the whole process, so it could be quite a chunky video!

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