This morning I woke up to THIS

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When I got up this morning, this is what I saw…


Yup, I may still be a kid at heart because I immediately got excited.

The first thing, after writing a few emails, was to go out with Holly, Max and BeeBee and get stuck in.

Which meant the day started a bit later than it usually does.

But that’s okay, because the meeting I was supposed to have this afternoon in Newmarket has been pushed to next week.

Over the last few days I’ve been debating what to do with our email delivery server.

Our current provider is very good, and they’ve been very helpful. However, I reckon I can get just as good an inbox rate as they’re getting, for 25% of the cost.

I’ve got another delivery server which I use as a backup, but the main issue is that the software on it which delivers the email is quite basic.

When you send bulk email, companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft send feedback to the server delivering the email. Feedback like… slow the f**k down.

My backup delivery server can’t react in real-time to these messages. Which means it’s really only suitable as a backup.

This was the original reason for moving our main emailing from this server.

But… while the improvement in inboxing has been excellent for Gmail, I’ve not seen any improvement for other providers.

Which sucks, considering it’s costing me significantly more.

So… I’m going to setup a new email delivery server, with better software, and get it into more inboxes than the one I’m currently paying for (at a fraction of the cost).

And that brings me to my question!

I’m considering creating completely free autoresponder service.

Please spend 5 seconds by clicking this link to let me know if that’s something you’d use.

Thanks 🙂


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