Three Pounds Of Flesh Please

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I very rarely wet shave. The norm, for me, is to use an electric beard trimmer to go back to stubble, but yesterday I bought one of those new Gillette razors. You know, the kind that has three razor blades in it for…

The ultimate close-shave.

Well… I learnt a lesson. If you have a razor with three blades, then when you cut yourself, you cut yourself three times.

And it hurts like hell!

I was doing it because I want to get back into wet-shaving, so I can learn how to use a cut-throat razor. Which means that…

…today I look like I’ve got some kind of skin rotting disease from all the triple-nicks on my face, which is perfect for the meeting I’m going to later.

My lesson? Stick with the beard trimmer as I’m clearly not coordinated enough to use a wet razor anymore.

But, my dreams of learning how to use cut-throat razor are not quenched, it’s just I’ll be sure to watch a video showing how to do it before I start.

It’s better to follow someone else’s steps to a successful cut-throat shave, than doing a Sweeney Todd on myself.

In the same way it’s better to follow the steps of someone who’s built multiple successful online biznisses, than make all the costly mistakes of learning on you own.


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