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There are going to be two types of responses to this email.

1) The people understand what I’m saying and see what they need to do

2) The people who think I’m talking rubbish

If you’re in the second group then please scroll to the bottom of this email and unsubscribe because there’s nothing I can do for you.

Seriously. If you’re in the second group then I can’t help you grow or build your online business. I refuse to peddle crap. And that’s what you’re looking for.

For those first groupers, awesome. You definitely have it in you to build a successful online business.

You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

Well in the poll we’re running in our private FB group, you can still vote here, the most common struggle was Just Getting Started followed by Getting Traffic.

Now I can understand the first one, and I’ll tackle that in another email. But the Getting Traffic one surprised me. Until I sat down over a cup of tea and thought about it.

Then it made sense. Because what you see everywhere that getting traffic is the key to making money online.

Heck when something converts at 1% if you can send 100 visitors you’ll make less than someone who can send 1000 visitors right?

Wrong. So so wrong.

But I understand why you’d think it. The web is littered with information that seems to say this is true. And then they usually link to a product telling you how to get traffic.

The actual truth is…

The money is in knowing how to convert traffic.

Actually getting the traffic is a piece of piss. You can go buy it right now in the form of Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, PPV, Banner Ads, Paid Content, Similar Content, Co-registration Leads, Solo Ads., Domain Redirects and a ton more sources.

Getting traffic is easy.

Understanding how to take a traffic source, split-test it to determine if it is going to be profitable and repeat until you find the profitable sources for your funnels is a totally different thing.

And that’s what most people don’t know how to do or want to learn. Which is why they don’t make any money.

That’s what Rob teaches in the Traffic Matrix.

In my next email I’m going to tell you my number one traffic source for the internet marketing niche.

See you soon,


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