Wowzaroonie. I got a ton of replies from this morning’s email. The majority of them were asking about the Rebel Bingo Rave I mentioned.

So I thought… I share my wiley secrets about building an online biz, why not share them about how to party as well!

The photo I sent this morning is kinda old. I’ve got to be honest with you, I haven’t been to an Underground Rebel Bingo evening for a few years.

But they’re awesome.

A long time ago, I used to manage the events at celebrity parties in clubs all over London. So I always knew what was going on.

Then these guys appeared on the scene. They were just some normal guys who’d rented a church hall for small event one evening, when they found an old-school bingo machine.

You know the sort where you have to turn it by hand.

Anyhoo… they started playing bingo, and had an awesome evening.

Which is when they thought…

Hey, if we’re having a great time doing this, other people will as well!

So they went and got their own bingo machine, still old-school of course, and began running parties where you played bingo.

And it exploded.

When I went to them, they were holding parties in venues with over a thousand people!

The pretence for the party was always something else, like a school disco or a group meeting. Then at the prescribed time, which they had huge clocks setup to show you, they’d shut the doors and it would change to the Underground Rebel Bingo party.

Yes you played bingo. Yes they gave away prizes. Otherwise it was like any other party, you drank and danced.

But what they’d done, was to start with something they enjoyed, that sounds familiar ;), and then tested it out for themselves.

Kinda like a case-study online.

Once they knew it was working, they scaled it up into a huge business.

Why did it work so well?

Because everyone was bored of going to normal club nights. The same ole thing time and again. What they did is sell something normal, like the school disco party, but everyone knew there was something else going on from the name.

Then on the night itself, they bridged the gap between school disco party and underground rebel bingo rave superbly. They made you feel like part of a small and secret group, even though there were a thousand people the room.

Which is exactly what you need to do when someone opts into your landing page, you need to bridge them from opt-in to sales page.

And one very neat way of doing this is shown in Jason’s Payday Tornado.

You can check it out here.

I was going through a copy of it last night, and it’s got some good information. It’s not rocket science, it’s not trying to be all new and clever, it’s just showing a very nifty way to immediately sell to the people on your list and convert them at a very high rate.

But the most interesting part was in the last video, around the six minute and thirty five second mark.

This is where he talks about how to choose what you’re going to sell.

Nnnnngggg, I really want to tell you what it is. But it’s not my product, so I can’t.

I tell you what, if you take a look at it, like it and decide to get it, then shoot my an email to and I’ll shoot you back an email with what I think is so clever about that part.

Honestly, I’m not sure Jason even realises how clever what he’s said to do is. It’s so obvious when you see it, but those are always the hardest things to uncover.


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