Want help? How to guarantee you don’t get it

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Somebody recently, mentioning no names, has been getting in touch with me. A lot.

Now I love you getting in touch, I love you asking questions.

After all, if you don’t ask questions then I can’t help you.

But there’s a way to do things.

Sending me an email every three minutes, starting with:

“I have no money to invest, no time, can you help me make money?”

For the record, the answer is no, I can’t. If that’s your situation, I can’t help you. You definitely need time, and a lot of the ways I teach use paid traffic, so you need some kind of money to invest in traffic as well.

That email was followed with more emails, each getting slightly more aggressive at the lack of response, until I got one about 30 minutes later stating…

“Fine, you obviously don’t want to help. You’re clearly a scammer.”

Two things are worth mentioning here:

1) I don’t sit on the support desk waiting to receive emails every second of the day, I check them once a day at most, sometimes every couple of days. So you won’t get a reply instantly.

2) Just because it’s email, it’s not alright to be abusive offensive. Even less so when you’re asking someone to give up their time, to give you advice for free.

So what happens… I delete the emails and block them from being able to send me any more.

The lesson here, is that I love to help, I love you asking questions. But please don’t expect me to reply instantaneously to your emails, I will get back personally, but give me a few days.

And, if you’re going to be abusive or offensive in any way, I won’t answer.

Over and out,


P.S. If you really do have almost no time and money to get things going online, then this is a good place to begin.


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