What a brouhaha

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Although we don’t use it very often now, the word brouhaha was used to represent the devil. Nowadays the word means sensational event.

I’m using it to describe an event I was at recently with a bunch of awesome marketers where too much was definitely drunk.

Which probably means both explanations fit well!

So I’m at this event and I start taking a look at a friends website. Now this guy gets hundreds of thousands of visitors to his site every month. He’s got the lead generation on his homepage rocking but…

…the rest of the sites content (and there’s a lot of it) isn’t really generating any leads.

Yeah he’s got the side bar optin and the intelligent exit-pop when people leave. However, there’s still a ton of traffic disappearing from his site that he’s not capturing.

That’s wasted money.

Now I know the basics of SEO, but I’m no SEO gooroo. To be fair I’m no gooroo at anything. I’m just a bloke who learnt how to do something by working hard, making mistakes and trying again until I got it right. And now I’m sharing that learning with you 🙂

One quick look at his site and I know exactly how he can get thousands more subscribers every month by implementing one thing.

That’s it. One thing.

If you know what it is post it in the comments below. I’ll give you 24 hours before I share it with you tomorrow.



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