What Is A Few Many Email Lists?

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There’s so much written about email marketing, you could probably compile it into multiple books, each longer than the bible.

Which leaves a lot of folk wondering what the best way is?

To make it difficult, the truth is… there’s no one-size fits all in email marketing.

You have to work out what suits your newsletter the best.

For example, one of our newsletters performs the best if readers get between 20 and 25 emails every month.

But a lot of people would tell you that’s way too much.

Heck, this newsletter sends an email every single day!

(or at least every day I can get to a machine to write one)

However, a big thing, for me, is to do with email marketing automation.

There’s so much written about how this is the way forwards in email marketing.

Personally, I think it is the way forward if you’ve got a team of people working on it.

Having gone down that road, pretty intensely, I can assure you that you end up with so many possible paths a subscriber can take, it becomes impossible to know what the hell is going on in your email automation machine.

Which is why I simplified everything and went back to using plain old email lists.

And there’s another benefit to this…

If you’ve got a brand that has reason to have multiple newsletters, then it means your subscribers are likely to join multiple newsletters.

And that means… if they unsubscribe from one newsletter, they’re still subscribed to another 😉

Bottom line, you have to test things out on your own list. Generally speaking I have found more emails works better than less and email automation isn’t worth the time unless you’re a large corporation.

Hopefully that helps!


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