Yesterday I ballsed up. I’ve been running online businesses for over a decade, and still make mistakes. Hey that’s normal. We can’t get it right all the time.

I re-sent the welcome email to my newsletter, to every single person on my list. So you probably got it again.

Apologies for that.

But something interesting also happened…

A bunch of people who’d joined my newsletter months ago, had never opened a single email, opened the welcome email and are now part of our FB group.

So welcome to all those folk who decided to start reading my emails yesterday. You’re gonna be pleased you did.

Now, we’re into count-down for the printing of the next issue of Business Ignition, and inside it’s got:

  • Crushing Twitter On Auto-Pilot
  • Preventing Your Readers from Slitting Their Wrists at your Outsourced Blog Content
  • The Email Toilet Brush
  • Episode 1: Becoming A Facebook Rockstar
  • Video Marketing Revealed

Which, if you’re serious about your online business, is going to make your investment back ten times over.

Heck, some folk have said I should be selling my Twitter strategy for hundreds on it’s own. After all, my tweets now get 5972 views a week.

All that spine-tingling goodness is inside the pages of next months issue, and there’s still time to grab it before it goes to the printers.


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