What to do when life takes over

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I love travelling. For me, it provides a complete freedom. The ability to go anywhere, do anything and see things never before seen.

I find it relaxing, calming and, at the same time, invigorating and inspirational.

Not everyone understands that.

In the same way not everyone understands what it’s like to run an online business.

When I started my business, the sole reason was so I could work and travel at the same time. I didn’t set out to earn a lot of money, heck, I only wanted to earn enough to be able to pay for food, a bed and travel.

Then life took over, I started to travel less.

Holly and I had planned a three month trip around South America this year, but then Holly got  pregnant and South America got the Zika virus.

So, we planned a shorter trip to Gran Canaria instead, which is when my dad passed away.

Which means it looks like, this year, we may get a couple of weeks somewhere in the UK (Holly isn’t allowed to fly now) and then we’ll go on holiday again next year.

The thing is… it doesn’t matter how much you plan, sometimes life just gets in the way. And that’s fine, it’s what living is about.

But when that happens, it’s important to find your freedom from what’s around you. I know I’ll go travelling again, probably next year, for now, I’m sitting in my garden, in the beautiful morning sun, writing this email.

This is time for myself, to write, run my business and get things done.

Make at least one hour each day for yourself. Do whatever you like in it, run your business, read, walk, it doesn’t matter. But take one hour each day, to do something that you want to do, with no interruptions.

It will help keep your mind relaxed, and when your mind is relaxed, great things will happen.


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