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We’re at the stage where we need to start deciding the best route to take for future developments.

Up until now we’ve been developing our software and then getting our developers to upload it.

Which is all fine.

But it’s not the proper way to develop with multiple developers.

The way we should be doing it is…

1) Use a GitHub repository
2) Developers have access to the repository
3) They create new features, do updates and bug fixes and push them to the repository
4) One of our developers is then responsible for checking the code
5) If the code is okay that developer then pushes the code to the live site

This has the benefit of:

  • Developers not having access to all the code
  • Cross-checking all code for quality before being made live
  • Better streamlining of development projects

Initially you’d probably be wondering why we wouldn’t do this!

And, like most things, the answer is… cost.

The cost of changing our development to this is likely to end up being the same as making a piece of software.

But… this won’t directly make us any revenue.

So the question is…

Should we go ahead and implement this development structure going forwards?

Yes or No?

Hit the reply button and let me know what you think.



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