What You Can Do If You Can’t Get A Refund

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Jon sent me an email the other day asking if I could help him get a refund from someone he’d bought a product from who hadn’t provided the product and was refusing to refund.

We’ve all been there, and it sucks.

But here’s my thoughts on it…

First of all check they offered a refund. Not every company offers a refund because there are a ton of people who abuse them.

If they don’t offer a refund you can still try asking, but don’t hope for anything.

Second… if they’re refusing to give you a refund which they supposedly offer, consider what the price of the product is. If it’s only fifty bucks then ask yourself if it’s worth the time and grief spent fighting to get it. Yes, I understand fifty bucks is a lot to some folk but consider this…

Follow the advice I gave the other day on how to earn online instantly writing articles, you can read it here, and you can be making at least $10 an hour when you’re up to speed. That’s just five hours to earn what you’ve lost and in the process you’ll have learned a way to make money online whenever you want with no experience.

You’re far better off spending your time and energy learning a skill than fighting some support staff who don’t want to reply to your emails, let alone help you.


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