F**k I love that movie!

Have you seen it?

It’s about a kid in a fictional Shaffer Conservatory, which is the best NY school for music. He wants to be a jazz drummer. Heck, he doesn’t just want to be a jazz drummer, he wants to be the best damn jazz drummer that’s ever lived!

So he practices, and practices and practices.

The one thing everybody wants at this school, is to be accepted into the band run by Fletcher. Fletcher is an a-hole, but his band is the best by a mile, it almost guarantees success.

The film is about how far will you push yourself. How far will you let someone push you. When does a teacher pushing you, go from trying to get the best out of you to abuse.

If you haven’t seen it, then I strongly recommend you put down whatever you’re doing, and go and watch it right now.

Because there’s a huge lesson at the end.

A lesson that we can all benefit from.

It teaches us that if you want to achieve something, if you want to be successful at something, and you’re prepared to do anything and everything to achieve that dream…

…then you will be able to overcome any odds.

So if you really want to have an online business.

If you really want to achieve the dream of being an online success, then I can push you, I can cajole you, I can give you the tools you need to succeed.

But the only person who can make it happen, is you.



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