Why Are People Scared Of This?

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Have you ever lit a fire?

Recently I’ve been making a fire at least once a day, sometimes more. Quite often I’ve been the person responsible for making sure that the fire doesn’t go out.

I’ve also been teaching Holly, my wife, how to light fires and keep them going.

We’ve been staying with friends who have an open fire and are about to move to a new house that has three. Since she loves an open fire, it makes sense that she also knows how to make one.

Now you’re probably thinking that it’s not particularly difficult.

And it’s not.

If you know what you doing.

But if you’re scared of being burnt then it can make it a lot harder.

The secret is to stop being scared of getting burnt and actually to start respecting it instead. If you respect a fire and treat it well, then it won’t burn you.

That’s one of the things I’ve discovered tribal communities teach their children from a very young age when I’ve lived with them.


Exactly the same thing is true with your mailing list. 

Most people who start a mailing list are scared to sell anything to them. Heck, they’re even scared to send too many emails in case they unsubscribe.

You can start selling to your mailing list the very day someone joins. After all you’re running a business.

If you don’t respect them then you’ll get burnt and they’ll unsubscribe. But if you respect them… they’ll respect you back, treat you well and even tell you what they want you to sell them.

It’s that simple.


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