Why are you alive?

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What’s the purpose of life?

You don’t have to look far anymore to be told by someone what your purpose should be in life.

Society tells you that life is about making money, fame and being able to purchase luxuries.

Charities like Avaaz tell you that you should be fighting against the evils in this world for human rights, climate change, poverty and corruption.

Other charities tell you that you should be raising money for an ever increasing range of diseases.

Self-help writers preach that it’s all about spending time with yourself and your family.

Work is telling you that your life should be focused around them, with less and less concern for how they affect your life outside of the office.

There’s so much being rammed down your throat about “what you should be living your life for”, do you actually know what YOU want to do with it?

We’re so busy trying to live in the way we feel we’re expected, to pay the bills we’ve created for ourselves as part of that expectation, that it can be very difficult to take the time to listen to ourselves and understand what we want to do.

What works for me may not work for you.

I’d pretty pretty damn surprised if you wanted to do the same things in life that I wanted to do.

There are a number of things that I wanted to do over the last year.

How many did I do?


I’ve got excuses, over the last year… Max was born, and had a difficult start. We moved home. My dad died. We started building two houses. I started two new companies.

But, that’s not the real reason I didn’t do the things I wanted.

The real reason is… I couldn’t find the motivation.

In fact, aside from Max, the two things I wanted to do (which I’ll share in an email later) were what would have really given me a sense of achievement over this last year.

Yes, I know that it may look like I’ve done a lot, but that’s not how it feels because emotions are weird and I didn’t do the two things I wanted to.

But this year I will, I’ve enlisted Holly to help me with one of them, the other can only be done by me alone.

So, this email is about asking you to stop.

Take a moment.

Take a few moments.

Ask yourself if you’re living how you’re being told you should, or in a way that you really want to.


P.S. Yeah, at the moment I help people build online business through my Business Ignition training.

But that’s not right for everyone, even when people are telling you that you should be your own boss and you can make more money that way, for some people that’s just not right.

If it is right for you, then you can join my mailing list here to be notified when Business Ignition re-opens.

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