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There’s a Chinese artist called Zeng Fanzhi who, in 2001, made a piece of art called ‘The Last Supper’.

In 2013, this piece of art sold for $23.3 million.

That’s a shite load of cash, and an amount that any artist, you’d think, would be proud to have achieved. It may even be considered the pinnacle of their career.

So why, in his most recent exhibition which contains a selection of all his art over the years, did he  choose not to include this piece?

He did that because…

I didn’t want viewers to think about auctions, price, and things less related to art

What he’s saying is, his focus is on the pleasure he gets from creating his art and being able to share that with other people who enjoy, think and consider what his art is saying.

In other words, his primary focus is on what he’s trying to share, not the money.

I’m sure that he was pretty stoked to get $23.3 million for one piece of artwork, but here’s the thing…

He only earned that money because he spent years doing and sharing something that he loved.

And that’s why most people fail at internet marketing, because all they’re thinking about is how much money they can earn.

They’re not thinking about their customers. They’re not thinking about whether they enjoy what they’re doing. They’re not thinking about if what they’re sharing is beneficial to anybody.

Heck, sometimes people change their names on what they’re selling because it’s so bad they don’t want to be associated with.

That’s the wrong way to do things.

You need to focus on:

1. Choosing something you love

2. Learning how you can help others achieve their dreams with what you’re sharing

3. Generate your income by helping others achieve

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