Why I Want People To Unsubscribe

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I make more money when people unsub (what I like to call unsubscribes).

Everyone gets seriously worried about having people on their mailing list unsubscribing. You see it in forums and discussion boards everywhere.

Just the other day I was chatting with a friend who runs a multi-million pound business in the UK selling Santa grottos.

You know the kind you get in the shopping mall over Christmas.

It’s amazing what people do to not just make a living, but absolutely kill it.


He was bitching about how he was always checking his companies email unsubs and found that when they emailed more often they got more of them.

And he was worried.

I don’t mean mildly concerned, but cold-sweat worried.

The truth is you can make more money by having people unsub from your emails. Whatever your autoresponder, I use Aweber – https://michaelwilding.com/recommends/?id=aweber, you’re going to be paying for the number of people on your email list. Heck, some even charge you depending on the amount of emails you send!

And you’re running a business. Which means you need to sell things. If people don’t want to buy  then you’re paying for them to be on your mailing list and you’re never going to get that back.

Soooooo…. it’s far better for you if they’re not on your mailing list.

End of.

Now I’m not saying that you should go and piss off your mailing list. Obviously that would be dumb. You’re in the business of building an awesome relationship with them and helping them out.

But you’re also in business.

Which means you don’t want those freebie seekers on your list. If they get annoyed with you putting links to your products in your emails then you’re better off without them.

Stop worrying when people unsub. The people who enjoy your content and want your products will stay and they’re the ones you want to give all your attention.

A list of 100 lovers is better than 3000 freebie seekers.

Over and out.


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