Why I’m doing what nobody else dares to…

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The email that I sent Saturday evening ranks as the lowest opened email I’ve had in years.

Just 2.6% of people opened it.

That’s partly due to my subject line which works really well in some markets, but obviously not for you guys!


That’s besides the point.

For those of you who didn’t open it, basically I’m unsubscribing people from my mailing list who aren’t opening my emails. And then… I’m blocking them from re-joining for ninety days.

If you want to find out why then go and find the email from Saturday, subject line is “Heads-up…” and check it out.

The reason I’m doing this is simple. If someone hasn’t opened one of my emails in thirty days, which means they’ve not opened at least 30 emails, then they clearly don’t want to read my content.

Which is cool.

Why am I then blocking them from re-joining? Well more on that in a minute.

But first let me look at why I don’t want people who aren’t reading my emails subscribed…

Interaction is key.

Already ESP’s (email service providers) such as a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc… are using interaction as a key metric in determining whether your emails get inboxed or junked or simply never even delivered.

The more people on your list who are opening, clicking and replying to your emails then the better delivery you’re going to get.

Later this year, I’ve heard on the grapevine that Gmail are releasing an update to their inboxes that also checks whether people you send email to visit your website, similar websites and read similar content to determine which folder they put your email in.


If there are people on my mailing list who don’t want to read my emails, then it’s not just costing me to have them on mailing list (because Aweber charges are higher the more subscribers you have), but it’s potentially damaging my deliverability to those who do want to get my emails.

So I remove them.

But why the block from being able to rejoin?

Because if they’ve joined my mailing list and then not opened any emails, one of two things has happened…

  1. They’ve decided my content isn’t of any use to them.
  2. They only registered for the freebie and didn’t actually want anything else.

The majority fall into the second camp, but there are always a few who sit in camp one. Which is fine, I’m not the perfect flavour for everybody. That’s their loss 😉

The people who fall into camp one have decided my content isn’t any use to them, if they rejoin next week then guess what… it’s still not going to be any use to them.

Those in camp two never wanted my content to start with, so I don’t want them re-joining my mailing list again just because they’ve seen an advert and think they want the freebie that they’ve already had but never looked at.

Which is why I block them.

The reason most people don’t do this is… because they’re scared they’re going to lose sales.

However, the bottom line is that people who don’t want to read your content sure as hell aren’t going to want to buy your products.

Most often when I tell other marketers I’m doing this they say…

But it costs you anything from one to ten dollars to get a lead, so you’re literally throwing your money away.

My response…

It doesn’t cost me anything to get a lead, my funnel is self-liquidating

And that’s what allows me to be able to do this without being concerned about the cost. We chatted about it last week and you can see the blog posts here if you want a refresher.


P.S. I’ve heard a lot about this product launch recently. I haven’t tried it yet but would be interested to hear your feedback in our FB group if you have.

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