Why is everything so damn complicated?

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I’m sure things never used to be so bloody complicated.

We were supposed to finish our kitchen last week, and guess what… it’s still not done.


* We’re still waiting for some of the parts to arrive.
* Not enough counter top was sent.
* The corners on the curved units are all different.
* The corners on the doors and plinths don’t match the units.
* There’s been no space between curved units to allow the doors to open and close.

I mean what the heck!

What baffles me the most is that the entire kitchen wasn’t delivered on the same day. Here we are, one week later, still waiting for parts of it.

The kitchen should have taken four days to install, we’re already at five days and it’s going to be at least another two days before it’s complete (assuming everything gets delivered this morning).

Today is a day where I think it would be best to pack up early and go home. Except then nothing would get done, so we’ll trundle through it and try to fix the problems that are thrown.

….and deep breath… and deep breath… and deep breath…

Over ‘n out,


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