Women Can’t Market

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That’s something I heard at an event about two years ago.

I mean what an a-hole.

The guy who said this was trying to justify why he’d just shouted this sentence in a crowded event where at least half the audience were women.

His justification to this obscenity was that women didn’t have the cut-throat instinct to be able to sell aggressively.

Well in my opinion…

A) I’ve known plenty of women who have more balls than most men.

B) The most cut-throat business people I know are women.

C) Selling aggressively isn’t the answer. In my IMNSHO.

Selling aggressively is great if you want to always be hunting down new leads, writing new copy and hitting them hard every single day.

Honestly… I can’t be f****d to do that.

It’s too much like hard work.

I want a passive income. That’s the dream. Make enough money to do what you want in as little time as possible so that…

… you can spend all that free time you have doing what you want.

Hell yeah baby, now we’re talking.

But doing that means you’ve got to get raving fans, because they’re the people who’re going to tell other people about you. They’re the people who’re going to build your army for you.

Are people that you aggressively sell to likely to recommend you for the delightful experience they had?


It doesn’t even matter whether the product is any good. They’re still unlikely to tell others about you because they’ll feel like you pretty much forced them into the purchase just so they could be left in peace.

Just share awesome, actionable content with your leads, build that relationship and then regularly tell them about your product.

That’s the secret hot sauce of selling online to build a passive income.

Righty ho… I’m in Gran Canaria at the moment so I’m gonna practice what I preach and go sit on the beach.



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