Woohooo… Two days to go!

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There’s just two days until we’re in the year 2018!

That’s mental.

I remember when they were making movies about the year 2018 and the world had been taken over by robots, it was anarchy and everyone was living on the edge.

Well… it’s not quite like that. Unless you consider Trump to be a robot causing anarchy.

But what it is, is pretty damn exciting!

New Year has always been one of my favourite times, because it’s a fresh start.

Doesn’t matter what happened in 2017. It could have been incredible or horrendous.

Either way, that year’s finished and a new year is about to begin. This gives you the time for new dreams, goals and achievments.

I friggin love it.

So today, I’d just like you to tell me what your plans are for 2018. Hit the reply button and let me know.

Telling someone your plans means that you take ownership of them. And once you take ownership, you’re far more likely to achieve them.

If you don’t want to tell me, tell a friend. But whatever you do, tell them right now, otherwise you may change your mind.

After all… it can be pretty nerve racking knowing somebody will expect you to do what you’ve said you want to!



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