Would you like a charlatan slice of pie?

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There’s absolutely no doubt that internet marketing has a bunch of charlatans in it.

Screw that.

Has a TON of charlatans in it.

So why the heck should you trust me?

Good question.

Here’s the thang… I didn’t learn how to market online by trying to teach other people how to market online.

I got started with a blog about horse racing, cos I bloody love horse racing.

Ask anybody online which the two most competitive niches are and they’re gonna tell you it’s:

  1. Gambling
  2. Porn

And gambling is the market I became successful in online, one of the most competitive industries on the planet.

Hell, some of the bookmakers in England will pay £75, that’s about $100, for a lead. WTF!?

Try competing with companies that have the kind of budgets that allow them to do that.

Actually don’t. I’ll tell you… it’s pretty damn difficult.

Which is why some of the mistakes I’ve made over the last decade, have cost me tens of thousands of dollars. Mistakes which I’m going to make sure you’ll never have to make.

But don’t just take my word for it.

I was doing some of the social media thang yesterday and I headed over to Klout. Klout is the go-to website to find out who’s an influencer in their market. It takes account of all your social media activity, and scores it based on your network and the interaction you get.

Once you’ve logged in, it tells you where you rank for each niche. Here’s some of my list:

Marketing: 99.9%

Social Media: 99.9%

Digital Marketing: 99.9%

Evolution: 99.4%

Social Marketing: 99.3%

Content Marketing: 99.2%

Copywriting: 99.1%

Cognition: 98.9%

Online Advertising: 98.9%

This means that Klout are ranking me in the top 0.1% of influencers for Marketing.

I’ve gotta be honest, I was kinda surprised and also pretty proud about that, considering Klout uses social media signals, and traditionally I’ve always focused on email, that rocks.

Even better, since I started implementing a full social media strategy around a year ago, I’m now in the top 0.1% of influencers for social media.

So, if you want a marketer who’s in the top 0.1% of influencers to show you how to setup an online bizniss, here’s where to go.



Michael (A Marketing Influencer)

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