This morning I received this email from Heikki…

Thanks, Michael, your advice is worth gold!”

Hells yes it is!

Follow what I say, and you’ll grow your mailing list faster, build your brand quicker, and increase your earnings rapidly.

It doesn’t matter whether you sell ebooks, software, physical products, or even yourself.

And by yourself, I mean consulting, you naughty naughty person you 😉

The truth is, marketing isn’t rocket science. It isn’t complicated.

There are folks out there who’d like you to think it’s rocket science, they’d like you to think it’s complicated, because then they can charge you tens of thousands of dollars for their products.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The main reason folk don’t get it working for them, is they never implement anything. Heck, if you don’t implement anything, then nothing is going to be effective.

If you’re struggling to take action, then I recommend that you implement one thing per day, every day.

Each evening, just before you head of to your bed with the fluffy pillows, write down the one thing you’re going to do tomorrow on a post-it note, and stick it to your computer.

Don’t make this something that’s impossible to do in a day, like… build a business.

Make it something that’s small, digestible and can be done in thirty to sixty minutes. Something like…

Get an autoresponder and add one welcome email to a new mailing list.

Do that, then stop for the day.

This makes sure that you take action every day, but never get overwhelmed. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you move forward doing just one thing each day.

And if you want to know the things I do each day, they’re all written down here inside the book that the real players use.


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