WOW… pharmacist breaks patients will to live

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We had to go to the pharmacy this morning to get some B12 for Holly, who’s lacking it during her pregnancy.

Coming from London, we’re used to going into the pharmacy, giving them the prescription and then getting back the medication about five minutes later.

Well in the country, apparently that doesn’t happen.

Five minutes. Still waiting. Ten minutes. Still waiting. Fifteen minutes. Still waiting.

Twenty minutes it took to get the medication ready, and there were five members of staff and four customers.

I mean what the f**k were they doing!

Seriously, I could have built a website in that time.

We won’t be going back there, at least not without a coffee and some provisions. Based on that experience, if there was a queue of ten people, you’d be waiting half the day to get served.

And that’s a prime example of how to lose a customer.

Shit customer service.

Customer service isn’t just about the friendliness of staff or their knowledge, it’s also about serving your customer in a reasonable time frame.

Which online is crucial, because people think that you should be responding immediately, twenty four hours of the day.

But first, you’ve got to get those customers.

Which is what Business Ignition’s all about. The September issue of the magazine will be going to press in twenty four hours. So there’s not long left to grab it.


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