Your Big Weakness

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I’ve just discovered the biggest weakness of a digital business.

When I say “just”, I always knew it, but it’s been brought back to my attention today.

If your internet goes down, then you’re sc***ed!

The new office has a shitty router from BT, which I simply cannot connect to on my Mac.

I’ve spent twenty minutes trying to connect, before just connecting through my phone.

Later today I’ll go pick up a proper router, one that actually works, but in the meantime I didn’t want to miss a chunk of my scheduled working day.

So I’m currently using my phone with a personal hotspot.

The personal hotspot has saved my ass so many times it’s hard to count. From airports to locations with no wifi, it’s always my trusty backup.

It’s a reason why I always recommend having a very high amount of bandwidth on your mobile package. You can always connect to your phone and work through it.

Every business, whatever you’re in, has a weak point. For digital businesses it’s your internet connection.

Yes, you can protect against it for your servers, but it can be very difficult to protect against it in your place of work (unless you’re prepared to spend thousands).

That’s why it’s good to have staff working from different parts of the world.

It means even if one person is having internet troubles, someone will be able to connect to the internet and your business will still run.

And… if you’ve managed to build a business that can continue to work even when you don’t have the internet, then you’ve managed to build a business that will work when you’re on holiday 😉



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