We’re gearing up to launch a new product through the Race Advisor, my horse racing blog, and it’s looking to be a very exciting launch.

However much you prepare, and I like to think we prepare a lot, there’s always a ton to do just before the launch, and it’s very easy to forget what you need to get in place.

Missing just one element can have a big impact on the success of the launch.

So… I figured you’d like to have a cheat sheet to a digital product launch.

1) Create product
2) Create opt-in product (very high value, should be of a quality you could actually sell it)
3) Write sales page
4) Write auto-responder sequence selling your product for anybody who opts-in to your freebie
5) Write email sequence for promoting the opt-in page
6) Get graphics done for product, book cover, software and/or opt-in product
7) Make the sales page
8) Create product in your payment processor and link it to your sales page
9) Add product to your members area
10) Create any support content if the product requires it
11) Contact affiliate partners inviting them to join you in the launch
12) Send affiliate partners their affiliate links and swipe emails
13) Test everything works when you join


As you can see, there’s a lot to think about.

If you’re planning on doing your first launch, I’d suggest you create your product, sales pages, emails, opt-in offer and everything you need to launch before setting a date and contacting affiliates.

Doing this means everything will be in place, and tested, before you plan the launch date. It’ll take longer to launch, but will be far less stressful.

The only proviso is… you need to do it. If you need some pressure to complete the work, set a date and invite affiliates. Just remember, if you let your affiliates down by not releasing the product, they’ll almost certainly not agree to promote for you again.

The choice is yours 😉



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