Can you teach me to surf?

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This Friday we’re going on our first holiday in what seems like years.

To be honest, it is actually years.

The last time we had a two week holiday (or longer) was our honeymoon four years ago.


Because Holly’s not a big traveller, unlike me, and then we were looking for new houses, then moving, then having a baby, then spending a lot of time with Max (the baby) in hospitals, and then building two houses.

Max is out of hospital at the moment, one house is pretty much finished, the second house is nearly finished and before we start work on our house…

…I need a holiday that’s more than a long weekend!

Our holiday destination options have changed since having Max. I would have gone to Vietnam, some remote island in South Asia, or headed to Latin America.

However, as Max has hydrocephalus, we need to stay near a good neuro hospital in case anything goes wrong.

And since something did go very wrong just a few weeks ago, this time we’ve decided to stay in the UK, near the hospitals we know.

So… we’re going down to Cornwall, then up to Wales and finally finishing our holiday off between the Peak District and Sherwood Forest.

For those of you who don’t live in the UK, or just have bad geography for the country you live in, Cornwall is right down on the south-west tip, Wales is on the west coast and Sherwood Forest is smack in the center (and happens to be the home of Robin Hood).

Robin Hood also happens to be one of my favourite movies, both the Disney and Alan Rickman versions!

Anyhoo… down in Cornwall I’m going to be swimming in the sea.

I don’t care if it’s pouring with rain and freezing cold, I’m still going to be getting in it.

But the big thing in Cornwall is surfing.

The last time I went surfing was in Bali, on that holiday we had for our honeymoon, and I sucked.

Not to mention that I got so burnt I was shedding skin for a week.

So, I need some tips for not looking like a complete fool.

If you’ve got any then please reply to this email.



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