Lorry vs Tarmac… here’s who won!

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We’ve had a lot of concrete poured into the two building projects that we’ve got going on.

So much so that there was a war between the concrete truck and the tarmac.

The concrete truck won!

Tarmac is now a few inches lower than it was before.

Was this a a problem, or some kind of obstacle?

Not for us, but talking to others who’ve done significant building projects, it’s this kind of thing that gets them down.

Heck, talking to people who run their own businesses, it’s the things that occur on a day-to-day basis that get them down.

These things are always viewed as “obstacles” to overcome.


I just see it as life. And here’s why…

Everything that we do in life is a decision. Doesn’t matter whether it’s for work or personal.

We always have to choose whether we want to do this or that?

Sometimes we make a good decision, sometimes a bad decision, and sometimes chance allows us to make a truly awesome or horrendous decision.

But… everything is a choice.

The “obstacles” that other people see, are simply the results of having made a decision.

Always remember that if your getting these “obstacles”, by defintion you’ve made a decision.

If you’ve made a decision, then you’re making progress, because it’s the making a decision which a lot of people struggle with.

Today it’s time to change your viewpoint around. These “obstacles” are actually a good thing, because they prove that you’re making decisions and moving forwards.

When you’ve changed your mindset about them, you no longer need to be scared of them. They’re simply another decision that has to be made.

Kinda like…

DRIVER: The tarmac is collapsing.

ME: Is that a problem?


ME: Okay, so what are our options?

DRIVER: Stop for today, leave, strengthen the tarmac, come back another day.

ME: Or?

DRIVER: Try and move the truck somewhere else, but I don’t see where.

ME: How about we leave it where it is for now, continue pouring cement, it looks like the tarmac has stabilised anyway at the moment. If it continues to drop, we can move the truck over here and in the meantime I’ll get everyone to move their cars so there’s space. Worst case scenario, we can re-book.

DRIVER: Yup, that’ll work.

There was no way we could have forseen the weak tarmac, but once we saw, it was simply something that needed a decision on. I listened to why it was a problem for the driver, and his suggestions, then I used my own brain to determine that he couldn’t see anywhere else to move the truck because there were cars parked.

What happened?

The tarmac stabilised and we managed to pour the rest of the concrete without moving the truck.

So, next time you feel that you’ve got an obstacle in your path, take a moment, remember that it’s only there because you’ve made a decision, find out all the options, then see if you can find any more.

Then… make your next decision.

It’s nothing to panic about 😉


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