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Two weeks ago we were lucky enough to see… Hamilton!

And a big thank you to the two friends who had the two spare tickets and offered them to us.

If you’re not into your theatre, then you should know that getting Hamilton tickets is as rare as finding a goldmine in your garden.

It can happen, but you’ve got to be damn lucky.

So a big thank you to Charles and Sophia for choosing us to join them.

And there’s only one thing to say about the show…


I mean holy f**k it’s good.

Not only is it good, but it’s new, fresh and different.

If you ever get the chance to go and see it, then you should go and see it.

It’s about Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of America who gets very little recognition in comparison to the other founding fathers.

The story is so interesting that I’m now reading the book about Alexander Hamilton that inspired the show.

What made him so special, is that he not only came from nothing, but that his vision, energy and entrepreneurialism are not only what the USA believes as it’s core foundations, but wouldn’t have existed without him.

It’s that simple.

He was responsible for America being the country it is today!

Of course, the other founding fathers played their parts, but in actuality, none of it would have been possible without him.

And if there’s ever a claim to be recognised for, that would be it.

Now, saying you should see the show after telling you that it’s virtually impossible to get tickets isn’t really fair.

So if you want to read the book, here is where you can get it on Amazon.

>> https://goo.gl/nEjoud

Get it now and enjoy the read 🙂

All the best,


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