Silence… here’s why…

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It’s been kinda quiet from me for the last week, and here’s why…

Last Wednesday my grandad was taken into hospital in the evening. We were told in the early hours of Thursday morning that both his kidneys had failed and unless they could get them working, he’d be lucky to live more than 48 hours.

They took him off all his heart medication, the medication that has kept him alive for the last thirty years, to stop it damaging the kidneys any further.

Nothing they tried worked and we were told, by four different consultants, to say our goodbyes.

I decided to stay with him in hospital, and from the Wednesday he went in I didn’t leave.

On Sunday he was still with us, and suddenly decided he wanted some lunch.

Nobody knows how he’s still living, including himself, and he was a very senior consultant in the medical profession.

It seems that, for the moment, his kidneys have started working again, but since there is no intervention being done, nobody knows how or how much.

And, his heart has somehow managed to continue without the heart medication.

Monday evening was the first day I went home since he was taken in on Wednesday last week.

Of course, we’re aware that the hours, days or possibly weeks he has left will come to an end, and we’re doing everything in our power to get him out of the hospital and somewhere he would like to be.

This is proving to be harder than we’d ever imagined.

And that’s why I’ve been on radio silence.

Now I’ve broken it I should be back to the normal email every day.

I hope that you and your families are healthy and well.


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