The Secret Life Of Dogs

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I love random facts.

The kinda stuff that you only find out in those books your grandparents used to give you at Christmas, or…

…by spending far too much time Googling!

One of the facts I love, is that every dog’s nose is different.

If you were to dab a dog’s nose in ink, and put it on paper, the lines would be 100% unique for each and every dog on the planet.

How frickin awesome is that!

Not only that, but their sense of smell is insane. They can smell one rotten apple amongst two million barrels of apples.

I mean, holy schmoly, there’s gotta be this whole secret life going on between dogs that we don’t even know about.

Do dogs realise how incredible their sniffing power is?

I doubt it.

In the same way that most people don’t realise how good they are at things.

It seems to be a modern day trait to put yourself down. To not give yourself enough credit.

Well… screw that.


And that includes you.

What most people aren’t good at, is realising how good they actually are.

But when you do, you can concentrate on the things you’re good at and get others to work on the rest.

So, spend a few minutes figuring out what you’re good at, then begin to focus on it.

That’s all you need to change everything.


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