Useful Or Terrifying?

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We’re looking at getting alarm systems on the new buildings, so I got the local guy round the other day to go through options.

He runs a small business and used to be a copper, which in my opinion makes him eactly the right person to advise on alarm systems.

Interestingly, he says you need far less than most alarm companies suggest. It’s all about putting the sensors in the right place.

But for me, it’s about making sure Holly feels safe. It’s not got anything to do with being worried about stuff being stolen.

They have these new sensors that when they get set off, start taking photos every few seconds. These photos are then saved and can be accessed via an app live, or given to the police.

Is this useful or terrifying?

If you were in a house on your own, and one of the alarms on another building on the site went off, would you want to be able to see into the rooms?

Yes, very re-assuring if there’s nobody there, but if there was someone there I think it’d freak me out more!

I’ve got absolutely no idea which way to go on this, shoot me an email or reply to this post and let me know.


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  • Angela Hall
    April 18, 2017

    Really it’s about what Holly is comfortable with as you said. But here’s the thing, if nobody is there it will be a reassurance without having to actually go to that building and verify yourself (which I think would be a more terrifying option for her) or having the police come check. If someone IS there, then it confirms that the police do need to come.
    For me, I would want to know either way.

    • Michael Wilding
      April 18, 2017

      You’re right, it is about re-assurance, the thing is… if you saw someone in one of the other buildings and you were in the house on your own, would that freak you out? Would you have called the police anyway when the alarms went off?