You think you have it tough!

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While we’re all moaning about how hard it is to learn to make a living online.

While there are millions of people every year spending money on “golden bullet’s” that don’t exist.

While forums are filled with people talking about how “the content’s good but there’s too much work to do“.

99.9% of the time we never think past ourselves.

We never think about how lucky we are to have been born in a country which is safe, has access to technology and the internet, good medicine, good schooling and enables us to even consider making an income (and a good one) online.

It’s estimated by the UN that in the poorest countries in the world there are 600 million children, yes that’s a heck of a lot, who are in school but aren’t actually learning anything.

Forget learning how to make money online, we’re talking about the basics of reading and writing.

In the South Sudan 75% of girls never go to school because they have to work and then marry.

In the Central African Republic there is one teacher for every 80 students.

In Guinea, the average time in education for women over the age of 25 is one year.

So here’s my suggestion…

Next time you think there’s too much work involved in learning something new.

Next time you don’t put you mind to achieving what’s possible with the information you’ve been given.

Next time you’re about to moan about something.

Pause for a second.

Think about the opportunity you have in front of you.

And then grab it with both hands and run with it as fast as you can, because there are hundreds of millions of people who’d like to have the opportunity you’ve just been given.

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