5 Tips For Making Your Content Shareable

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Content is king. It doesn’t matter whether you’re focusing on a blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Google Plus, SlideShare or another. All of them require one thing to make you successful… content.

And not just any content, they require high quality content that can’t be found anywhere else. Content that will help, content that people actually want to read, and content that people want to share.

Once you’ve started producing high quality content, it’s the sharing of that content that’s going to make your traffic explode. And there are some tricks you can use to make your content way more shareable.

1) Use Humour

As a general rule people don’t want to share things that are bleak and boring. They want to share things that will make their friends and family laugh. Start using humour in your content and people will enjoy what you’re writing more and be happier to share it with others.

2) Make You Content Nice To Look At

Boring content is, well… boring. The vast majority of people are visually stimulated. This means that something which looks vibrant sparks interest and a desire to learn more.

Make sure that when someone shares your posts the share is visually appealing. This not only makes the people they’ve shared with want to come to your site to find out more information, but it also makes them happy to put your content on their web properties.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 18.25.51

Above is an example of a post from an illustrator building her fan base prior to launching her own business. It drives the people following her to stay interested in her work by showing what tests she’s running. It also gives examples of the kind of work one will expect from her.

With a number of these kinds of posts she has grown her following and allows people to share with other people her work that may be relevant to them.

3) Start A Conversation

Everything is about conversation. If people don’t want to talk with you then you’re going to find it very difficult to build a following.

You want your readers to implement what you’re sharing with them. If they put what you’re teaching them into practice then they’ll ask you questions and if they’re asking you questions then they’re going to be improving.

If you’ve helped someone achieve their goals then they’ll tell others about you. So… it’s important to start conversations and get feedback from your following.

4) Be Unique

You need to decide what your unique angle is going to be. If you produce the same content that is out there on every other website, and you don’t have any specific style then the question is… why would anybody bother following you?

And if you haven’t got anybody following you then you won’t be getting your content shared.

But don’t push people away by trying to be too different. Be true to yourself and speak in your own voice.

5) Be Motivational

Motivation is tough for most people. It makes perfect sense because they could:

  • Do they same thing they’ve always done and get by fine
  • Change it up, risk everything and do what you’re telling them

Even if the risk is simply lost time, that could be time spent with their family or a holiday. Time is important. In fact, it’s probably the most important thing. Never use the phrase “only time” because time is all we have and we need to use it in the best possible way.

If you want someone to spend time not only interacting with your content but also sharing it, they need to know it’s going to be worth the risk of their time.

The only way we get improve is by changing what we’re doing and trying new things. Make your content motivational and driven in order to help people to take the risk and try something new to improve their lives.

When they do it and their life improves, they’ll share how you helped them with others.

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