A mud floor? Yes please!

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We’re at the point in our kitchen makeover where we need to choose the floor tiles.

To be honest, we needed to choose them a couple of weeks ago, and now they’re holding up the work.

We ordered some special replica historic tiles, which looked pretty damn awesome on the website.

When they arrived they looked pretty… well… shite.

Kinda like someone had taken a mould of mud and then sent it to us.

I called them yesterday to find out why they looked so different to the ones on their website, only to get my suspicions confirmed.

The ones on theb website are waxed and sealed, which completely changes the feeling of them.

Cool, I just go and get some wax and sealant so I can see what they look like.



There are lots of different tints in wax. Anything from clear to dark wood.


Each one of these will have a completely different effect on the tiles and change the feel of them completely.

Man, when did it get so difficult to choose some floor tiles for your kitchen!

That means we’re going to be doing a five hour round trip to go to the showroom that makes them so we can see what they look like.

In fact, by the time you’re reading this we should be on the way back (I hope!).

Wish me luck.

If we don’t choose them today then I may just leave it as rubble.

Have a great day.


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