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But, for better or worse, I’m back with you now 😉

It’s been three days since the football team have been located in the cave in Thailand.

They’re now saying that it may be possible for them to walk out, they’re pumping quickly but there’s an urgency as there’s monsoons predicted for the weekend.

If they don’t get it pumped before then, they won’t be able to keep up with the rain coming in.

While they’re trying to pump the boys are taking diving lessons to learn how to swim out of the cave.

There’s also another team of people trying to locate the air hole which has kept them alive so far. If they can find the air hole it’s possible that this could be another entrance to the cave and they may be able to get them out through it.

I’m following the story and hoping they’re out later today.



How to Market Your Course to Generate Leads

The world of online courses has gotten bigger and bigger. So much so that it isn’t just universities getting on board. Experts have realized that they can use their authority to build a base of willing students eager to learn from them. This has led to thousands of free and paid online courses that are used as a marketing tactic for different brands.

If you are reading this, it can be assumed that you are at least interested in making a course. Or perhaps you already have one and don’t know how to promote it. Either way, here are 11 ways you can generate leads by marketing your course to the public.

1. Know Your Audience BEFORE You Create Your Course

For those of you who haven’t created your course yet, this is the best first step you can take. You probably have a general idea of who you are looking to educate. But how specific is that group? Having a more solid demographic in mind is going to help you to create a more balanced and helpful course.

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3 Ways to Hone the Skill that Can Advance Your Career as a Write

There are writers. And then there are professional writers.

Over my career as a writer and editor, I’ve noticed one key factor that enables writers to perform their craft professionally.

I’ve said it before, so you won’t be surprised to hear:

It’s the ability to self-edit.

A strong self-editor doesn’t just show up to work; they show up with a seemingly counterintuitive balance of compassion and criticism that allows them to write prolifically and precisely.

That combination is exactly what companies and publishers look for when they hire writers.

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11 Ways You’re Wasting Time Instead of Doing What You Need to be Successful

When was the last time you found anything on social media that moved your life forward?

It’s the end of another busy day, and you look back and wonder “Where did the time go?” Most likely, part of your time was eaten up with those little distractions that take away from the tasks that really matter.

It’s important that you attach value to your time. How you use your time has a huge impact on your ability to succeed. Increasing productivity and using your time wisely means you will have more time to do things that matter to you, like exercising, spending time with family and friends, having a hobby or pursuing other projects.

Set yourself up for success by cutting these 11 biggest time wasters from your life, and you may find you have more time than you realize.

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