Does this make me a loser?

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Holly’s going to Devon for a few days to work.

Which means I’m going to be on my own in the evenings.

Which means…

…I get to play the Playstation!

Not that she doesn’t let me play, it’s more a matter of not having the time. But when I’m on my own with Max, it means I have a fair amount of time in the evening to myself, so… I may as well play.

At the moment I’m playing Tomb Raider, and am loving it.

The question is, at the age of thirty six does this make me a loser?

Not that I care TBH. It’s more a question about how people view computer games these days. Particularly when they’re being played by an adult.

But here’s the thang…

It shouldn’t matter to you what people think.

The thought of the day…

It doesn’t matter what people think.

When it comes to your business, if you think something should work, and your reserarch shows it should, don’t listen to what anybody else says.

I was told four years ago that nobody would want to pay for one of our products. We’ve still got people using it, and it still sells, today.



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