Don’t Be Afraid To Resend Emails

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Whenever you send an email the majority of people on your mailing list won’t open it. That’s just how it is.

It’s the nature of the beast.

But you shouldn’t be afraid of re-emailing people.

You can often double your open rates by contact people twice!

The way to do this is using segmentation.

Let’s say that you’re sending a promotion for one of your services and your mailing list is 10,000.

You send out your first email and you get a 20% open rate and 10% click through.

You’re probably think that’s pretty good. After all you’ve just had 2000 people open your email and 1000 people click through to your sales page.

If you’re sales page is converting at 3% then you just made 30 sales from that email.

It’s at this point that most people put their laptop away and go home.

And that’s why they will never be as successful as you!

Because you look at those figures and think to yourself…

They’re pretty good but there’s still 8000 people who haven’t opened my email and 9000 who haven’t clicked.

I mean, when you look at it like that then it’s not so great.

Which is why the next day you send another 3 emails. These are…

1. The 970 people who clicked your email but didn’t buy focusing on getting the sale.
2. The 1000 people who opened your email but didn’t click focusing on getting them to click.
3. The 8000 people who didn’t open your email focusing on getting them to open.

Now let’s imagine you get another 1% of sales from the first email. That’s another 9 sales, a 30% increase in your total sales!

Then you get 5% of the people who opened but didn’t click to click, that’s another 50 clicks which convert at 3% for an extra 1 sale.

You’ve now made 10 extra sales.

Finally from the 8000 people you get a 10% open rate and 5% click through which means another 800 people have opened your email and 400 have clicked.

From the 400 who click you convert at 3% for an extra 12 sales.

Which means you’ve added an extra 22 sales to your total figure and increased your sales figures by 73%.

Pretty good for sending another three emails.

But… it doesn’t finish there.

Because from the people who hadn’t opened before you now have:

  • 388 people who clicked but didn’t purchase
  • 400 people who didn’t click

And the next day you can resend an email to these people.

Of course, the big concern is that you’re sending people too many emails.

You’re not. Stop worrying about it.

The only time that people get annoyed is when the emails aren’t targeted to what they want. Using this approach you can target your emails exactly because…

  • If someone hasn’t opened an email you know your subject line didn’t grab them
  • If someone opened but didn’t click then the content wasn’t talking to them
  • If someone clicked but didn’t buy then the issue could well be on the sales page, but it could also be how you framed the offer prior to sending them to the sales page.

Now, I’m not recommending that you use this approach on every single one of your email promotions. Your readers will get used to it and it will become less effective.

However, on your big launches or once every month use this technique to significantly increase the number of your readers opening your emails and clicking your links. Which will result in more sales.

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