Don’t be threatened into anything

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I’ve just got off the phone from a company that we work with through the construction company.

Someone in their office has been screwing us, and so we’ve asked for a refund on everything that we’ve not received yet.

Once that’s come in, our account will be closed and we’ll open a new account with a fresh start.

All agreed.

All directors of the construction company are happy with the agreement.

Then this morning I get a phone call asking if I can open the new account before everything is refunded.

I summarised this for him as…

You don’t trust that I’m going to open a new account so don’t want to credit us until we’ve opened a new one.

In other words if you don’t open an account we may not refund you.

Well do you know what I said… f**k that!

Admittedly I was far politer than that. But there is absolutely no way anybody is going to threaten us into doing business with them. And, if anyone does this to you, you should say exactly the same.

You cannot work with anyone who uses a tactic like this. It simply doesn’t work.



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