I fought an 18 tonne lorry, and won!

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What a day!

This email is kinda late for me.


Because an 18 tonne arctic truck reversed into our driveway wall this morning, which kinda messed up the entire day.

Ironically, it turned out he was delivering a pretty small package!

Since we’ve had bigger trucks up the driveway, delivery huge volumes of building materials, with no issue, it kinda sucked.

But hey ho.

There’s no point in getting worked up by these things.

Obviously the driver didn’t intend on reversing into the wall, and he was pretty upset by it.

And, at the moment the company don’t seem to be arguing it.

Although that may change when they realise it’s a curved wall, on a listed property, with electrics in it for lighting and gates, and it needs to be knocked down and rebuilt using reclaimed bricks.

Anyhoo… it’s with the insurers now so they can argue it amongst themselves.

If ever there was a good reason for a late email though, it’s because an 18 tonne truck drove into your wall!

In other news, Angela’s asked if I can help show how to setup Amazon SES with the MailWizz software, after my email yesterday. I was going to record that video this morning, but I will try and do it tomorrow.

Over and out.


P.S. You know what to do with those mouse clicks, oooh yeah 🙂

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