Increase Your Sales by 70%

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It would be kinda nice to increase your sales by 70% wouldn’t it?

That’s nearly doubling your revenue for… very little effort!

But before I share that awesomeness with you, I’d like to answer the question’s I’ve had regarding Post Planner.

After my rant, which I publicised on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and my blog, I’ve now had this response from them…


Yup, there’s been no acknowledgement from them on any channel. My account still hasn’t been cancelled, the only reason for it no longer posting for me is because I removed it’s authorisation to.

For social media software, they seem to lack any kind of social media monitoring for their own brand!

Later today they’ll be getting a rant from me on their Facebook page.


…let’s talk about how we can make you more money!

Did you know that 72% of online buyers abandon their shopping carts?

And that only 8% of those people will ever return to complete their purchase?

If you own any kind of website that sells products, in any market, then the majority of your buyers are disappearing, and never coming back, before they hit the ‘complete purchase’ button.

That’s a lot of revenue left on the table.

How do we solve that?

Through re-targeting!

This method of advertising focuses on only targeting the people who’ve visited your website before.

And… we can even show them specific adverts based on the pages they’ve visited.

It’s kinda like someone walking into your shop, looking at a product, but not purchasing it, and leaving. When they go into the next shop, we appear with a billboard reminding them that they looked at this product. The next shop we do the same.

Heck, we keep doing the same for every shop they visit over the next week, two weeks, month or longer. Maybe, after we’ve shown them the advert for a week, we then offer them a discount on it to get the sale.

But as soon as they purchase… we stop showing them the billboards.

That’s what re-targeting advertising does, it’s hyper focused and can increase your sales by as much as 70%.

How do you do it?

You’ll have to check out this months Business Ignition (which is going to be the first ever digital copy).


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