Mouldy ketchup and chocolate cake

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I walked into my mother-in-laws new home this morning, since she’s brought the last of her things up today, and found chocolate cake and ketchup.

Now I don’t know about you, but that’s not a combination I would generally choose to eat together.

It seems that while having bacon sandwiches the other day, we forgot to remove the ketchup (and chocolate cake), which have now fallen together and merged into something a bit grim.

But there’s good news…

I’ve just published the fifteenth edition of the Business Ignition magazine AND released the digital version of the course.

What makes that even more exciting, is that you can now get access to the first month of the course for just $7!

Here’s where:

Each week you’ll get a new lesson, with a task to complete, so that by the end of the course you’ll be running a profitable business.

Inside you’ll learn…

  • The ultimate online business model (the only one you should use)
  • Software you must have, the only expense your business needs!
  • How to generate leads, completely free of charge
  • The secret website to get leads nobody knows about
  • Using the power of email to build lists of rabid buyers
  • Crafting the ultimate email that can make hundreds of sales from small lists
  • Why you don’t need a large mailing list to make a lot of money
  • How the biggest marketers make their millions
  • The traffic source you MUST use if you want to succeed
  • The best system for creating wealth online

And this months Business Ignition magazine teaches you how to write killer blog posts, that people want to read and share, in just twenty minutes.

Anybody can do it, even if you’ve never written a blog post before in your life!

See you on the inside.


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