The Ultimate Sales Page Trick

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There’s something new brewing in the world of copywriting and conversion. It’s a technique that’s going to massively increase conversions and you need to be considering using it.

It’s all to do with using surveys before sales pages.


Don’t worry, I’m going to explain.

There are two ingredients to making a profit online:

  • Sales Copy
  • Traffic

To make the most profit you want to optimise your sales copy for the traffic that is being sent. If you use multiple sources of traffic then you’ll probably find that to get the best conversion rate for each traffic source, they’ll need their own sales copy.

And that’s because different traffic source send different types of people. The best copywriting speaks directly to the visitor, addressing their needs.

So it stands to reason that to get the best conversion you should write different copy for different traffic sources so it’s more tailored to the reader.

But imagine if you could take that even further.

Imagine if you could tailor your sales copy to each individual person. That would be truly awesome!

Which is where we come back to surveys.

There is no faster way to find out information about someone than to use a survey.

So why don’t you send your traffic to a survey before the sales page. If you have multiple sales pages for different types of people then depending on the answers someone puts into the survey will depend on which sales page they’re sent to.

And of course they’ll be sent to the sales page that will speak to them the most. Which means…

…your conversion rates will rock!

It would look like this:

The Ultimate stack







In this example there are four sales pages and after someone takes the survey they are re-directed to the sales page that’s going to be the most relevant to them.

This is a superb approach to use and if you take action and implement it then you’ll find that your conversion rates increase.

But there’s a new tool that’s going to be released shortly that improves this even further. It will dynamically alter your sales page based on the readers answers to the survey. That means that the sales page speaks directly to your visitor based on the exact answers they’ve provided you!

I’m 100% certain that this is going to increase our conversion rates massively. But, when I’ve got a copy I will write a new post about whether it works or not.

In the meantime, start using the survey sales page technique today and jump your conversion rates.

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