UK Workers are Lazy

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There’s been a new documentary released in the UK which shows young British workers being, well… lazy.

In a T.V. experiment, a group of 18-23 year olds agreed to work as cabbage pickers, doing a job that’s usually done by EU migrant workers.

What happened?

In the first hour they were complaining of frozen fingers, runny noses, and one graduate needed a break to warm her icy hands.

The EU workers worked ten times as fast, and the team featured in the documentary admitted that they thought the farm would be losing money by employing them.

However, the team did finish their work and managed to meet the quota they’d been set for the day.

Why I am writing about this?

Because it relates to 99% of everyone who’s trying to make money online.

There’s a common miss-conception that they can press a button, spend 15 minutes and make thousands every day.

Wouldn’t that be nice!

The truth is… anybody who’s making money online, who has a nice lifestyle, who seems to be successful by doing very little… has worked bloody hard to get there.

They’ve poured the hours, days, weeks, months and years of work into their business until it reaches the point where they can take a bit of back seat.

Don’t expect anybody to hand you anything, if they do it’s a bonus. But always know that you can do whatever you like. I strongly believe that you’re only limited by your own mind.

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