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What a week!

I’m feeling a bit better today, but need a good nights sleep again before I’ll feel completely on form.

Holly has been away examining, which means I’ve been on Max duty.

Well… grandma and nanny have been on Max duty. Luckily!

We were down in London watching a Witness For The Prosecution at London’s County Hall on Sunday.

It was awesome, a great show and one I’d strongly recommend.

Max was in bed by the time I got home, so I took the opportunity to do a bit of work myself before heading to bed.

Morning time was normal, except I knew the day was going to be hectic as I was heading back to London with my 92-year old grandfather.

The morning began well, Max had a big breakfast and then proceeded to wipe jam over his hair.


Quick rush upstairs to the bath before dropping him off at Grandma’s.

An hour behind schedule, and just two hours before we needed to get the train, I rushed around like the Tasmanian Devil (for those who remember him!) and just managed to get everything done before picking up my grandad and driving to the station.

We had a lovely few hours, some tea in the Ritz, and then headed to the event we were planning on going to.

Two hours later, before dinner was served, my grandad wasn’t feeling well, so we got the train back.

Half-way back I called the ambulance.

Turned out Peterborough Hospital had a huge backlog, there were 15 ambulances waiting to discharge patients.

After a bit of a wait we got the ambulance to the hospital where the wait time was in the hours.

An hour later, I got sent home by my grandad who didn’t want me hanging around with him.

Popping in on the way home (heck it’s only over the drive), I saw my mum briefly, who had put Max to bed there in case I was gone all night, to update her on everything, before heading home, collecting the dog and grabbing a cup of tea.

Then… there was that beautiful moment when you wearily crawl into a bed you’re so desperate to be in.

It felt like I’d only just got into bed when ring ring ring ring ring ring ring… we’re discharging your grandad, can you pick him up.

Looking at the time I see it’s only been three hours since I crawled into bed.


I wearily get up, don’t shower, and go pick my grandad up.

Then… we have a day of technical issues, nursery drop-offs and bug fixes (which is why no email from me).

The new heating system gets installed, but I don’t manage to get it fully working before…

It’s 4pm and I realise I haven’t showered yet and I’m due to get the train back to London to see another show, Big Fish, with my mum and Holly.

We just make the train.

Get to the theatre, and it turns out that… Kelsey Grammer is playing the lead.

And it was bloody good.

Homeward bound, an hour spent fixing the heating system and I head to bed at 1:30am.


Just writing it down makes me feel exhausted.

I had a lie in today and got up at 9am. Thank you Holly for taking Max.


This is a very long-winded explanation of why I still haven’t finished writing my Amazon SES guide!

I’ve scheduled in to finish it tomorrow 🙂

But right now… it’s time for some crumpets.

Over and out.


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