Death by fridge

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I hope you had a good weekend.

If you didn’t want to kill someone with a fridge, then it’s bound to have been better than mine!

Ya see… we’re re-designing our kitchen, and since we live in an old (very) house, it’s all funnily shaped.

It’s one of the things we love about it.

However, we’re in the process of designing a new kitchen, and f**k me it’s difficult.

In fact, so far we’ve worked with two kitchen companies (one better than the other) and spent probably around 40 hours work on it and it’s still not right.

Heck… it’s not just not right. It’s nowhere near right!


Because kitchen designers can only:

a) Put pre-determined boxes into their CAD layout
b) Use products their company supplies

And that causes us a lot of problems.

What I need is someone who isn’t restricted by either of these two things.

What I need is someone who can think outside the box and really come up with a unique design that fits not only are (extensive) requirements, but also the building.

So… I am asking you… do you know of any independent kitchen designers?

(or someone who could do kitchen design)

They need to be damn good, hugely inventive, and know exactly what products are available on the market and what we could have.

If you do, please please please connect me. It’s starting to drive me nuts. And since we start building it in the New Year, there’s not much time left!

Over and out.


P.S. Man that felt good, thank you for letting me rant.

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